Manhattan Chiropractor Looks at Cause of Neck Pain

Cause of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be one of the worst types of pain to experience. If you are currently experiencing neck pain, you are not alone. Today, we will be telling you what could possibly be the cause of neck pain. The answer may surprise you.

The neck is not always the cause of neck pain. Sometimes, neck pain is the cause of another condition located elsewhere in the body. This root of the problem must be diagnosed and solved to eliminate your neck pain for good.

Many different areas of the body can be the cause of neck pain. One is the shoulder. A study found that both conditions can occur together. From a three week treatment of scapular stabilization exercises, patients found improvements in their neck pain.

Another study looks at manipulative therapy argeting the mid back. This treatment showed imoprovements in cervical neck pain for patients, just like the scapular stabilization exercises.

The cause of neck pain is not only present in the upper body. A 2019 study found that patients with neck pain showed differences in walking symmetry, along with walking with a stiffer spine. This is a factor for problems with knee and hip joints. Inequality in leg length could also be a contributing factor for lower back, knee, and hip problems.

How does this all connect to the neck? Well, if you have many problems in the lower body, your neck could be compensating. This will cause over strain and lots of pain.

Clearly, the cause of neck pain can be by the upper or lower body. Everything in our body is connected, and when there is one problem, it could be causing a domino effect. Come in today to see one of our chiropractors and get rid of your neck pain for good!

We have many treatment options for helping neck pain. We offer same day appointments and aim to get you out of pain quickly.

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