Why Kinesiology Tape Helps Reduce Swelling and Bruising Quicker

kinesio tape treatment

Kinesiology is the science of biomechanics.  Addressing physiological and psychological factors, Kinesiology examines how patients move and the way this affects the body’s overall function.

The tape used in kinesiology is used to promote ideal alignment by supporting muscles.  It’s also used in the healing process and to prevent re-injury or new injuries.

How It Works

Also referred to as kinesio-tape, kinesiology tape has a direct influence on swelling and bruising.  Highly elastic, it moves with you, promoting motion without restricting it.

In the past, the taping used restricted blood flow, so it couldn’t be left on for 3 to 5 days, unlike kinesio-tape.  Kinesiology tape is not made with latex and is resilient.

Another key benefit of kinesiology tape is that it encourages and maintains proper circulation in the area of concern.  By gently lifting the skin, the tape applies negative pressure just underneath (or subcutaneously), enabling pooled blood and other fluids to drain. This makes room for fresh blood to enter the injured area, which promotes healing.  This effect is called the “sub-dermal vacuum”.

Reduction of joint swelling and associated bruising is also speeded up using kinesio-tape.  Because of reduced skin tension, circulatory and lymphatic systems are assisted in draining fluid and allowing healing to occur more quickly.

Reducing Inflammation

A recent study implicating 32 participants revealed that kinesiology tape used on the knee increased space in the joint.  A supporting study shows that this also occurs in the shoulder joints.

Even though the extra space isn’t notably large, it does serve to reduce the instance of further irritation and inflammation.

Remedial Education For Muscles

When muscles lose function following an injury, musculoskeletal anomalies or overuse, they need to be re-educated to function optimally.

A study in 2017 found that posture can also be corrected using kinesio-tape by promoting the alignment of cervical vertebrae.  The same year, the tape was found to help stroke patients regain lost mobility.

It’s believed that these stroke patients benefited because of the way the tape felt on the skin.  Just because the tape was there, patients become more aware of their posture and gait.

Drainage and Swelling

Following a serious trauma, the swelling seen is due to cells bursting at the trauma site.  The contents of these cells then pour in the extracellular space around the damaged tissue.

When there’s a large amount of this fluid, it exerts pressure on lymph and blood vessels and pain receptors.  When this affect is severe, blood and lymphatic circulation are drastically slowed.  To recover from the injury, the body needs these to function optimally.

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