Set for Life: Why Your Kids Should Get a Chiropractic Adjustment

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A lot of you reading may not think about chiropractic as a pediatric specialty.  But the benefits of chiropractic for kids are numerous.

This post:   set for life:  why your kids should get a chiropractic adjustment, will serve to demystify the subject and share with you why taking your littles to the chiropractor is a great plan of action.

Why Do They Come In?

To begin with, knowledge of chiropractic care and its benefits to overall health is growing in the general population.  Parents in the know about chiropractic understand its role in maintaining a body in perfect balance.

But kids hurt too, sometimes.  So, parents will bring their children to a chiropractor, seeking a drug-free way to address the issue.

Biomechanical issues producing problems like arm/wrist or neck pain usually arise from early use of electronics like cell phones and computer gaming.  These can be addressed with ongoing visits to the chiropractor (and reduced screen time, incidentally).

And it’s not just about musculoskeletal pain.  Children with colic, problems with night-time incontinence, sleep issues or ear infections all benefit from chiropractic adjustment.

Why Chiropractic Benefits Kids

The central nervous system is one of the primary targets of chiropractic practice.  To ensure it’s functioning optimally, chiropractic adjustment restores lost balance and the harmony which naturally exists between the structures of the spine and the nervous system.

We’re all much more sedentary than we once were and that includes kids.  But kids still love to play and be involved in sports.  To do that as well as they want to, their bodies need to be finely tuned and the central nervous system needs to be working well.

Whether they’re in track and field or on the swim team, chiropractic adjustment gives them what they need to excel.

Pain doesn’t care how old you are.  As we’ve said above, sometimes kids hurt, too.  With chiropractic, dysfunction affecting range of motion and mobility from either injury or biomechanical issues can be addressed safely and naturally.

When mobility and range of motion are restored, the body responds by slowing down inflammatory processes and soothing pain receptors.   Without drugs, the pain is addressed and the body is restored to the desired state, which is balance.

Chiropractic for Kids

Every patient has individual needs, so chiropractors like me use a variety of techniques.  We study extensively to be able to deploy a range of therapies which encompass the biggest patient sample possible and we’re always upgrading our knowledge.

With kids, chiropractors use a gentler approach to accommodate children’s small size.  They’re still growing, so we deploy modified treatments, tailored to the child’s body.

Chiropractic is an excellent strategy for helping children with biomechanical issues, who play sports and desire improved performance and to address pain issues.

It makes sense that starting to care for the spine in a focused manner during childhood extends its health and function.

At Back & Body Medical, we deploy a multi-disciplinarian model, encompassing chiropractic, sports medicine, acupuncture and physical therapy.  Need support?  Contact us.

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