Is There a Cure for Aging and Diabetes in New York

Is there a cure to diabetes? This is a burning question that comes from many across the world, and while there isn’t a cure for diabetes New York just yet, there are encouraging signs. There actually is some existing evidence that intermittent fasting could have a large effect on diabetes management, increasing longevity, and possibly preventing the condition as a whole. Studies were conducted in the British Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease 2013 article, “Intermittent fasting: a dietary intervention for prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease?”

The authors of the article found that intermittent fasting can actually lessen the chance of not only type 2 diabetes, but heart disease and obesity. As one can see, this is a way to help people manage their weight. The researchers reported pretty good compliance and described the fasting as a “clinically relevant therapeutic approach.”

To help with a cure for diabetes New York here’s a few options for intermittent fasting.  These include fasting on alternate days or not eating for 16 hours (last meal at 8pm and first meal the next day at 1pm). Something else to do is cutting one meal per day when you find that your weight has gone up that day.

While fasting can help prevent the development of diabetes, it also helps current diabetics manage their condition. This specific type of fasting improves blood sugar and insulin levels as well as insulin sensitivity. The study found that intermittent fasting is also able to lessen inflammation and improve blood pressure and blood lipid levels. This method comes with low risks, and is extremely cost effective, unlike many medications.

Along with fasting, there has been successful research conducted on the addition of chromium to the diet to help diabetes. The National Institutes of Health says that chromium is known for enhancing the action of insulin. Insulin is what keeps blood sugar levels from getting out of hand. It may be beneficial to begin a program of chromium intake and fasting.

So while there is no current cure for diabetes in New York, research and studies are continuing to push forward for a breakthrough.

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