Increasing Efficacy Of A Pain Management Treatment Package With Medical Massage Therapy

MedicalMassage600It is said that over 70 million Americans suffer from different types of chronic pains — which probably explains all those TV ads reminding people of the wide variety of painkillers they easily have access to. It’s great that the medical world keeps on coming up with quick relief solutions, but the bounty of accessible pain relievers has also become greatly to blame for the unhealthy dependence of chronic pain sufferers on drugs.

Many of them, instead of exploring other effective solutions which offer little to no side effects, risk getting addicted to painkillers and overdosing on them because over time, the body becomes immune to them and fail to yield the relief they promise. This, many reports claim, is said to have been the cause of the untimely deaths of many important celebrities; unable to manage the pain, they took more than they should in hopes that the higher dosage would finally kill the pain — except that the drugs ended up killing more than just the pain.

Pain centers across the country are doing everything they can to offer better solutions to pain sufferers; the goal is to bring awareness and direct attention toward safer solutions to prevent drug dependence, and for patients to realize that they can facilitate their own recovery. These facilities emphasize holistic wellness as the best form of treatment for pain, and for this brand of wellness, a single strategy solution (such as strong medication for pain flare-ups)is established as insufficient in getting the job done.

What these pain centers do is they combine a variety of strategies to treat pain, increase both physical and mental strength, and sustain good health in a pain management treatment package. One of the important components of the package is medical massage therapy; much has been said about the relaxation that this careful and strategic “kneading” of the body creates, but aside from obliterating tension knots and improving flexibility, massage also works against pain by reducing inflammation and decreasing muscle spasms and dysfunction. Likewise, massage is good for circulation and for delivering enough oxygen throughout the body so optimal health can be achieved.

The relief massage can produce can either be instantaneous and gradual; either way, it’s certainly a great strategy for fighting pain.However, despite its many benefits, it’s important to recognize that it’s just one strategy to employ and should not be used as a complete solution. There are other components in a pain management package that should be properly done as well such as ultrasound therapy, ART, chiropractic care, etc. A careful combination of these other strategies can make pain management all the more effective and beneficial for patients.

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