Reducing Unnecessary Hospitalizations

Is it better to stay with the same doctor for all of your problems? or jump from doctor to doctor to find someone who knows more about a problem? Today we’re going to talk about it, on this Back & Body video. Dr. Dave Perna here, your chiropractor with Back & Body offering collaborative care of chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and medical care to the patients of New York City in Midtown, East on 58th and Lexington as well as in New Jersey on US Route 22 East in Springfield, New Jersey offering care to the people of Milburn, Livingston, Westfield, Cranford and Summit.

Today’s study we’re going to talk about looked at 230,000 senior patients between the ages of 62 to 82. They found that if a patient stayed with the same doctor for the majority of the time that they were 12% less likely to require hospitalization than other people who used different doctors. They feel as though the patients were more likely to go to the doctor because they had a better trust with the doctor they were familiar with and the medical doctor had more familiarity with the total health history and health of the patient and was able to make a more appropriate decision given care. This information comes from the British Medical Journal, February 2017 so it is fairly new.

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