How to Improve Cervical Posture by Your Manhattan Chiropractor

Bad posture can be a leading cause of back and neck pain. Today, we will be teaching you how to improve cervical posture.

What causes bad posture?

Bad posture can be inherited, but there are also environmental, social, and other forces that can have an effect on it. Forward head carriage (FHC) is an extremely common cause of bad posture. When the head sits in a forward position, it places more strain on the neck and upper back.

We have found studies that say that each inch of FHC increases strain in the neck and upper back by 10 pounds! This means that even three inches of FHC equals 30 extra pounds of strain on the neck and upper back.

How can I improve my posture?

First of all, simply staying active will reduce the normal rate of muscle degeneration. Keeping a normal body mass index (BMI) can be done by exercise and balancing calorie intake. We also want to give you some exercises you can perform at home to help improve cervical posture.


  1. Chin Tuck- Pull your chin in towards your face (should look like a double chin). Begin talking, and you will notice that your voice sounds nasal like. Continue talking as you release the tuck. When your voice clears and goes back to normal, stop moving your head. This is the position which you should be holding your head in. Try to maintain that position all day. Be patient with this, because it may take a few months for your head to stay there on its own.
  2. Deep Neck Flexor Chin Tuck- In this exercise, you will perform the same directions as above, but you will add a hand, towel, or theraband. This will add resistance. As you tuck your chin, press the back of your neck into your fingers, band, or towel. Do this a few times per day to achieve maximum results.

If you are struggling to improve cervical posture, come and visit us today. We will help you with all of your back and neck pain needs.

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