How Athletes Can Take their Training to the Next Level Pt 2 Back and Body NYC

How Athletes Can Take their Training to the Next Level Pt 2

We see plenty of athletes both professional and amateur in our clinic here in NYC. I came across an article by a Dr Craig Liebenson which I thought I had to share with everyone. There was a lot in it, so have split it into two blog posts. The first can be seen here. This is the second.

In this post we look at some of the exercise suggestions that were made. There were a lot but here’s a selection of 3 of my favorites. These can help you train better and gain that extra edge over your opponents. Always keep in mind that you need to develop all the elements that make up an athlete, not just the ones that you are strong in. You are trying to increase your power.

1 Continuous Crossover Drill

Starting in an athletic base position, do the following:

Leaning to the right, have the right knee out with the left leg straight.

Now snap quickly to the side and take up the opposite stance from where you started, with the right leg straight and extended and your left knee out and leaning to the left.

Repeat this exercise several times.

The effect should be a good workout for the hips, thighs and legs.

2 Squat Jump – No Countermovement

Starting in a squat position with legs slightly outside the shoulders:

Jump up vertically while tucking your legs up mid air.

Return to squat position and hold for 3 seconds.


This works your hips, ankles and knees.

3 Linear Vertical Hop

With a small box in front of you (one that can handle you landing on it!)

Stand on one foot and your arms held up and bent 90 degrees up at the elbow and then hop up onto the box. Land softly and allow your hip to absorb the shock.

Hold the position for 3 seconds and then step down.

Repeat with the other leg.

Three very simple exercises, but three exercises that can allow you to start making a difference. In all three, you will be pushing your lower body areas to greater limits.

There are of course many more exercises you can put into practice but the overall effect should be to improve your power, that is to focus on all the elements of athleticism rather than just one or two areas.

The improvements you will experience should help you to gain that extra edge over your opponents in your chosen sport.

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