High Heels and Your Back

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High heels have been a fashion staple for women for decades. However, the prolonged use of high heels can have negative effects on your back, knees and feet. High heels shift your center of gravity, causing your pelvis to tilt forward and forcing your muscles to work harder. This can lead to muscle tightness and spasms, as well as an increased curvature in the lower back that accentuates the buttocks and elongates the legs. There is a direct relationship between high heels back pain and we aim to help those frequent wearers of heels to lessen the effects.

Wearing high heels for extended periods of time can cause your body posture to adapt, leading to certain muscles working harder than they should and others becoming weaker.

For instance, high heels weaken gluteal muscles while tightening hip flexors responsible for raising your knee toward your chest, which causes back pain. Moreover, sitting at a desk job with high heels exacerbates this issue.

If you want to continue wearing high heels without causing long-term damage to your back, there are several things you can do:

  1. Regularly stretch hip flexors – Stretching these muscles regularly will help reduce back pain. To stretch them out, kneel on one knee on the floor with the foot of the extended leg slightly forward of the knee. Then slowly move hips forward so that knee is over foot while feeling a gentle stretch in hip of kneeling leg.
  2. Choose lower heel shoes – Try buying shoes with no more than 2-inch heel height that still achieve an elegant effect without putting excessive stress on musculoskeletal system.
  3. Tighten abdominal muscles – Strengthening “core” muscles by practicing yoga or pilates helps maintain good posture while walking in heels and takes some load off upper body weight from lower back.
  4. Regular chiropractic treatment – Experienced chiropractors can realign spine pulled out by high-heels use and suggest exercises that strengthen weak muscles.

If you are struggling and high heels back pain is a result of wearing them, we can help. Through our chiropractic and physical therapy services, we have an all in one office care system in place to help you. Schedule a time to come in and see us for help, or call us (212) 371-2000

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