Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Near Me In Manhattan

As a cosmetics representative, I spend a lot of time on my feet.  I also love running, so when I’m not working, I like getting out there.  I try not to push myself too hard.  I stretch and make sure I get plenty of rest, but recently I’m hurting a bit.

I’d never thought about trying chiropractic before, but I’d had positive experiences with physical therapy, so I asked around and found out about Back & Body Medical.  This clinic has an amazing reputation.

Back & Body in Manhattan is acclaimed for its innovative model of multi-disciplinarian pain relief.  All the feedback I got about them was positive, so I looked them up and booked a consultation.

Innovative care.

I went to Back & Body to schedule some physical therapy sessions for the knots in my shoulders and the low back pain I was having.  But at my consultation, I was advised that chiropractic might also be helpful.

I raised my eyebrows at that suggestion.  Like I said, I’d never thought about trying chiropractic care (and wasn’t crazy about the sound of it) but the way Back & Body approaches pain relief is different.

Their clinic draws on the disciplines of chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture and sports medicine.  The medical professionals there work as a team to assemble therapeutic plans that treat patients as individuals.

I was impressed by the concept and wanted to get rid of the discomfort I’d been experiencing, so I put myself in Back & Body’s capable hands, trusting them to find a solution to my pain issues.

And they did.

I attended sessions for chiropractic and physical therapy near me in Manhattan with an open mind.  I set aside my skepticism about chiropractic and made an astonishing discovery.  There’s an exciting new way to address pain and its causes.

A diversified model that’s effective.

The diversified care model at Back & Body has won awards for good reason.  It’s effective.  Under the care of a chiropractor and a physical therapist, my pain issues are rapidly improving.

From the work of these medical professionals, I’m learning more about the way my body works, and how my posture has been affecting joint mobility.

Back & Body treated me as a unique individual, with issues that demanded a personalized approach.  They know that “one size does not fit all” and proceed accordingly, with personalized therapeutic programs that address pain and relieve it.

Pain relief at Back & Body.

Chiropractic and physical therapy near me in Manhattan have really changed the game.  Throughout the treatment process, I’ve learned much more about my body, how it works and how it responds to stress and other factors.  That’s helpful, supportive information.

Now that I know about the outstanding care at Back & Body Medical, I have a superlative healthcare resource at my disposal that I need to share with others.

I found chiropractic and physical therapy near me in Manhattan that works.  Contact them for effective pain relief.

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