When a Headache is not just a Headache by Your Manhatten Chiropractor

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Did you know that around a quarter of all headaches are derived from the cervical spine? While this is a significant number, the good news is that we at Back And Body in New York are able to help with this. If you suffer from headaches, or know someone who does, read on and share. It may help.

Chiropractic care has been shown to be very effective in relieving headaches derived from the cervical spine. This manipulation in conjunction with a combination of myofascial release with specific exercise are proven in alleviating these headaches and even help to prevent them from occurring in the future.

While the exact cause and nature of how and why this happens is somewhat debatable, it is thought to be connected with the convergence of neurons arriving from both the cervical spine and the trigeminal nerve. This is located in something known as the trigeminocervical nucleus and is found at the top of the upper cervical cord of the spine.

The convergence means that there is a direct referral of pain between both the head and the neck. There are several other theories that have provided further insight to the cause of this nature of headaches and research is continually being done to further understand these causes.

While the search for understanding continues, the important aspect is how to get a person out of pain. Thankfully, this is relatively simple once the identity of the pain is known.

So once we have examined you and identified the problem, we can do the following:

  1. We can help you to correct your postural stresses and any repetitive actions that you may be doing which helps feed the problem.
  2. The area of pain can then be treated with chiropractic manipulation and myofascial release to help decrease your pain and your symptoms.
  3. And also to give you some simple exercises that are specific to your problem which can help to promote better posture, reduce the problems of the weakened tissue in the locality and to provide more strength and proper balance.


With treatment comes the importance of understanding and following a plan. We cannot stress enough that the treatment plans we build for you are designed to reduce your pain for you to get back to normal life again. This is a big part of how we help you get out of pain so that we not only treat you, but help educate you as well to not only relieve your pain, but help to prevent it from coming back in the future.

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