Get Motivated to Exercise this Spring in Manhatten

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Spring is here and some people’s New Year’s resolutions have faded away. The American College of Sports Medicine gives us some simple guidelines to follow to stay motivated with exercise when spring comes.

Dr. David Perna, your New York City chiropractor is here to give you tips on how to stay motivated with exercise.

The first thing to do is to set a specific goal. What does this exactly mean? With spring coming around, some races like 5ks or half marathons are also coming around. Set yourself a goal to be in shape enough to run them. If you’ve already run that race, set a goal to beat your previous time. You could also do something like signing up for an adventure race with friends.

If you’re a person that goes to the gym very often, you could make it a goal to do a certain amount of reps during an exercise. Maybe even bench pressing or squats with a certain amount of weight.

Make sure the goal you set is realistic, and try to achieve it in a certain amount of time. Write your goal down so that you stay motivated because you are seeing it regularly.

Next is some environmental cues. We suggest things like: putting your gym bag right next to the door so that you remember it on your way out, that way when you’re in the car on your way home from work, you realize that you remembered to bring your bag with you.

Set some reminders on your phone; maybe a half hour before you’re supposed to end your work day so that you remind yourself to immediately go to the gym after work.

We have some more tips on how to stay motivated with exercise when the spring comes, so stay tuned for our next article where we will be discussing more helpful tips.

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