NYC CrossFit Recovery

I have some exciting information for CrossFitters on today’s Back & Body video. Dr. Dave Perna here with Back & Body, your collaborative care of physical therapy chiropractic and acupuncture here in Midtown, Manhattan on 58th and Lexington as well as on Route 22 in Springfield, New Jersey where we treat patients in Springfield, Mountainside, Summit, Westfield and Cranford. As the open is about to start this evening we decided that a good idea for us would be to help you guys out as best we can. We do see a lot of crossfitters here and they often come in a lot more as the Open comes about so that their performing at their peak.

Sometimes it’s not just about pain, but unfortunately it’s about reducing soreness with 5 very intense workouts over the next 5 weeks. You have to realize that on Monday after you’re done submitting your score you have to get back at it at the gym and work out hard and keep your cardiovascular conditioning and strength at its best for the next workout which will be reintroduced the following Thursday. So that creates a problem if you’ve worked too hard and you’re too sore.

I think we all can remember how sore our quads were and shoulders were after last year’s workout of overhead lunges causes a lot of people unable to go back to the gym and workout as hard as they wanted to right away. So what we’re going to do over the next several weeks is try to get out as soon as we can, and it will more than likely be on Monday, will be a video can do while you’re at the gym, at home or hopefully with the help of another person, some things you can do to maximize your recovery and get your muscle soreness down. If you have any questions you can always leave a comment, but we’ll see you next week and good luck to all of you that areĀ  competing in the Open.

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