What to Expect at your First Chiropractic Visit

woman at the chiropractor's office

So, you’re coming to see me for the first time.  You have no idea what to expect, but you’ve heard all the “bone cracker” stories and you’re a little backed up against the wall.

Newbies to chiropractic care often have a lot of questions about what I’m going to do.  But the truth is that I won’t know that until I’ve consulted with you about the reason you’re coming to me.  I need to know what to expect from you, too.

This post is about what to expect at your first chiropractic visit.  A little education, I find, goes a long way toward putting my patients at ease.

How long?

Your first visit should last anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour.  That’s because I need to get to know you, find out what the problem is and establish a basis for a doctor/patient relationship.  That includes trust and feeling comfortable with me.

Once we figure out what the underlying problem is, I can set up a plan to manage the problem.  Being open with me about the type of pain you’re experiencing will help me assess your needs, so don’t hold back.  Share it with me and share it all, so that we can get down to work.

Subsequent visits to me will be shorter in duration and once we get going, you’ll find that visiting me is something you look forward to.  You can trust me on that!

Getting to know you

A chiropractor getting to know you is all about discovering where you’ve been.  When you know where you’ve been, you have a better idea of where we’re going together to heal the pain.

I need to know about your medical history (major illnesses, surgeries), any medication you’re on and whether you’re physically active on a regular basis.

From there, I’ll need to know what you’ve done before seeing me.  Have you been to a physical therapist?  Have you tried stretching and strengthening exercises?

I’ll also want to know about your overall health status, work life, home life and stress levels.  All this information combined can provide me with a snapshot of your needs.

Back & Body is different

At Back & Body Medical, we do things a little differently.  We’re a team of clinicians in 4 areas of practice.  To my chiropractic care, we add physical therapy, sports medicine and acupuncture.

Depending on your injury or challenge, I may suggest that you avail yourself of these other medical services in addition to my own.  Sometimes, chiropractic care is all a patient needs.  Other times, we combine therapeutic responses to personalize care and expedite healing.

We take a multi-disciplinarian approach at Back & Body that has won our clinical model awards and has rendered exceptional outcomes for our patients.

When you come to see me, you’re coming to see a potential complex of solutions to your pain.  With 4 disciplines under one roof, you visit one clinic for all the pain relief you need.

Need chiropractic care?  Contact me.

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