Fibromyalgia and Beyond – How the Graston Technique Can Make Life in New York City a Little Less Painful

Graston technique

Fibromyalgia sufferers have a tough go of it in New York City.  Many people don’t understand the disease or the chronic pain it causes.  Life in the Big Apple is tough enough as it is.  But when you’re out there with a mysterious disease that hurts and people keep saying “you don’t look sick to me,” it can be hostile and frustrating.

The Graston Technique in New York City was born when an amateur athlete injured his knee while water skiing.  While this injured weekend warrior followed a course of physical rehabilitation, he was disillusioned by the lack of progress, so he designed his own course of therapy and unique set of metal instruments.  This was to become the Graston Technique.

If you’re a fibromyalgia sufferer who’s tried everything and has become as frustrated as our wounded warrior, the Graston Technique may be what you’re looking for.

A world-renowned therapy.

From its experimental beginnings, the Graston Technique has blossomed into a world-renowned therapy used by thousands of therapists, worldwide.  For the treatment of fibromyalgia and beyond, the use of this therapy continues to grow in popularity.

The doctors and therapists at Back & Body Medical take a conservative approach to healing and treatment.  For that reason, all our clinical practices are rooted in scientific evaluation and research.

We offer the Graston Technique at our state-of-the-art facility in New York City, because it’s a proven methodology for the treatment of fibromyalgia, back, neck, elbow and shoulder pain and beyond.

What it is.

This manual therapy employs the implements originally designed by our wounded water skier to find and treat soft tissue injuries.  These instruments are specially shaped to treat targeted areas of the body, from top to bottom.

Using these specially designed instruments, the Graston Technique is capable of treating injuries lurking in the deep soft tissue.  Graston instruments permit greater penetration, promoting more thorough healing and amplifying the therapist’s touch.

Adhesions which escape notice using other techniques can be detected using the Graston Technique.  Once an adhesion in the soft tissue is detected, Graston instruments break them up.  Painful adhesions are then absorbed into the body.

Lasting between three and six minutes, many patients undergoing Graston Technique therapy report immediate pain relief.  With the Graston Technique, healing is expedited, allowing patients to take on life in New York City with renewed overall health.  Life in New York City doesn’t have to be quite so hostile, with Graston.

Certified Graston Technique therapists.

With Graston certification held by several members of our clinical team, Back & Body Medical is passionate about offering this highly effective therapy to our patients on its own, or as part of a suite of rehabilitative and pain relief treatments.

At Back & Body, we believe in the healing power of the Graston Technique.  Living with fibromyalgia in New York City doesn’t have to be a daily battle.

For fibromyalgia and beyond, call us to discover how the Graston Technique can make life in New York City less challenging.

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