Fibromyalgia and beyond – Discovering the Graston Technique

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The Graston Technique was born when an amateur athlete injured his knee while water skiing.  The injury heavily impacted his quality of life and mobility.  While this injured weekend warrior followed a course of physical rehabilitation, he was disillusioned by the lack of progress.

Taking the bull by the horns, this young man applied the knowledge he’d garnered in his chosen field and created a series of metal implements.  Finding that the instruments helped relieve his symptoms, he went on to collaborate with medical professionals and researchers to create what is now known as the Graston Technique.


From personal experiment to world-renowned therapy.

Today, the Graston Technique is used all over the world by in excess of 13,000 medical professionals.  For the treatment of fibromyalgia and beyond, the Graston Technique continues to prove its clinical mettle.

At Back & Body Medical, we’re doctors and therapists who take a conservative approach to healing and treatment.  We believe in science.  For that reason, all our clinical practices are rooted in research, not wishful thinking.

That’s why we offer the Graston Technique, a proven methodology for the treatment of fibromyalgia, back, neck, elbow and shoulder pain and beyond.  The Graston Technique’s applications are wide.  It’s outcomes, exceptional.

What it is.

The Graston Technique’s effectiveness lies in its unique mobilization of soft tissue.  This manual therapy employs the implements originally designed by our wounded water skier to find and treat soft tissue injuries.  These instruments are expressly molded to treat particular parts of the body, from the neck to the leg.

Graston goes beyond other forms of manual therapy.  Using the specially designed instruments, injuries which lurk in the deep tissues of the body can be addressed via the therapist’s use of the finger pads, pressed into the affected areas.  The dedicated Graston instruments permit deeper penetration, promoting greater healing.

The instruments serve as amplifiers for the therapist’s touch.  Adhesions which might otherwise go unnoticed can be detected using this technique.  Once an adhesion in the soft tissue has been identified, the Graston instruments actually break them up.  This allows absorption into the body.

Graston Technique sessions usually last for only three to six minutes.  Many patients report immediate pain relief and expedited recovery times.  With the Graston Technique, the road to healing is abbreviated, allowing patients to return to normal function and a life without pain.

Back & Body – certified Graston Technique practitioners.

The multi-disciplinarian team at Back & Body Medical prides itself on its dedication to ongoing professional development.  With Graston certification held by several members of our clinical team, we’re passionate about offering this highly effective therapy to our patients on its own.  We also include it regularly as part of a suite of rehabilitative and pain relief treatments working in concert.

At Back & Body, we believe in the power of collaborative, integrative care.  That’s why our team of specialists work together to assemble care plans which are personalized and effective.

The Graston Technique is a therapy we believe in, for fibromyalgia and beyond.  Call us to discover the Graston Technique.

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