Exercise Treatment for Back Pain, Why?

Exercise for back pain

Exercise Treatment for Back Pain & Other Symptoms

Your back pain relief and return to fitness is our goal. We have helped thousands of patients from all walks of life over the years here in Manhattan. We hope to continue in the future too. While our evidence based treatments have done their jobs, it’s the exercise treatment for back pain that can take a patient from back to fitness to really back to fitness.

.These exercises we prescribe are a compliment to the treatments and are tailor made to your condition. Like our treatments, nothing is cookie cutter. We look at you, your condition, your issues and we use previous knowledge and data to help us develop the treatment plan to help you quickly and efficiently.

So when you come in for treatment, you can be sure that we will often prescribe exercise treatment for back pain to help you in between visits. While exercises can be a chore, they can be as important as the treatment itself, but we want you to understand that we are here for you anytime and we won’t give you anything we feel you can’t handle.

You can be sure that the goal with our exercise treatment for back pain:

  • Compliment treatments in our practice
  • Won’t over stretch you or overwhelm you
  • Help improve your condition
  • Help prevent future issues
  • We will show you how to perform the exercises in our office
  • We get you to try the exercises to help you understand how to do them and ensure that you are able to do them
  • Set you realistic and achievable goals
  • Discuss any issues you have with them at the next treatment and establish new exercises as needed.

Understand we are here for you. We are part of your journey back to recovery and full fitness. If you are trying our exercise treatment for back pain and you are struggling or cannot remember the exercise, simply give us a call and we can help.

If you are in pain, come and see us. Schedule an appointment or call us (212) 371-2000. Our exercise treatment for back pain is there to help you back to normal.

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