Dr David Perna DC on the Causes of Shoulder Pain

Every year, Americans make 7.5 million doctor visits because of shoulder pain. Coming in third with neck and back pain before, shoulder pain is a top reason people visit chiropractors like Dr. David Perna.

There can be many causes of shoulder pain, but there is an even simpler answer than you think: anatomy. Three joints make up your shoulder: the scapulothoracic joint, the glenohumeral joint, and the acromioclavicular joint. The joints work together to complete many daily tasks. The structure of the shoulder actually favors mobility over stability, which means it is more subject to injury. How can we prevent shoulder injuries?

It is important to think before you do something. Do not over lift in an awkward position. Ask for help. Always use proper form and stay conditioned. Having a strong core can help to prevent shoulder accidents.

Some frequently seen shoulder problems that Dr. David Perna sees include inflammation (bursitis and tendinitis), instability (“sloppy” joints), arthritis (bone/cartilage injury/wear), fracture, and nerve injuries. Injuries can be from having an accident or doing something, or they can be chronic from wear and tear and can occur over time.

Dr David Perna wants you to know that a shoulder complaint could be the final result of dysfunction throughout the body (like how a knee problem can put added stress on the hip). So while you should get your shoulder examined by Dr. David Perna, he will examine and identify your whole body that may likely play a part your shoulder: (forward head carriage, poor core, leg length, etc). In addition, vitamins and supplements may be needed to treat your pain.

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