Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Is Changing the Game For the LSU Tigers

LSU Tigers coming to the field

There’s always something new going on the world of medicine.  From one minute to the next, we see promises of miracle cures coming out of the woodwork.

But practicing an empirically based discipline, medical professionals are wary of “the next big thing”.  We’re not about to recommend treatments which aren’t based on the findings of scientific research.  Before we prescribe anything, we need to know it’s legit.

At least that’s how I conduct my service to patients, as a chiropractor.

But sometimes, therapies emerge which are genuinely hopeful, evolving over time into “go to” treatments we’re confident about recommending to patients.  Let’s find out how deep tissue laser therapy is changing the game for the LSU Tigers.

A powerful tool.

Laser therapy has been around in the world of sports medicine for a decade, receiving mixed reviews.  But recently, researchers decided to pursue further examination of Class IV lasers.  These are next generation lasers which are high-powered, addressing deep tissue injuries.

Laser therapies have come a long way in recent years and research conducted by Jack Marucci (director of athletic training at LSU) and Andy Barker (senior associate athletic trainer at LSU) bears that out.  Working with a cross-section of injuries in LSU athletes, they discovered that deep-tissue laser therapy, especially when combined with manual treatment, is a powerful healing tool.

Taking a multi-disciplinarian approach (our signature methodology at Back & Body), Marucci and Barker discovered that applying Class IV lasers with techniques like soft issue mobilization rendered striking results.

Class IV lasers and sports medicine.

Most clinicians know about the limitations of earlier generation laser therapies.  For one, areas of concern were treated by holding the delivery device in place for longer periods of time.  With Class IV lasers, treatment can implicate larger areas, also addressing the physical particularities of elite athletes.

Treatment is faster with this type of laser.  Using a different method of delivery (larger and more tactile), clinicians can use lasers in concert with their hands, creating a completely new model of therapy.  Tissue structures can be addressed at a deeper and more targeted level with Class IV lasers, offering more therapeutic flexibility.

The promise of Class IV laser therapy for athletes is undeniable.  Marucci and Barker’s research revealed that results using a multi-disciplinarian approach were the most effective, with athletes reporting more rapid recovery times and more enduring results.

A step forward.

Marucci and Barker’s research represents a clinical advance in the user of laser therapy in sports medicine.  Deep tissue laser therapy is changing the game for the LSU Tigers.  It’s only a matter of time before athletes everywhere discover the benefits of manual treatment and deep tissue laser therapy as high effective supports, when used in concert.

At Back & Body Medical, we’re encouraged by the work of LSU’s professional athletic training clinicians.  Because we treat so many athletes, we’re excited by what this research means for the future of sports medicine.

Contact us to find out more about deep tissue laser therapy.

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