“Help, where’s chiropractor near me in New York, NY?”

a man hurting with neck pain

A pain in the neck is what I had – big time.  I spend a lot of time on the phone at my job.  Sometimes, I find myself on the subway with a bagel and schmear in one hand, dangling from a strap with the other and my mobile device between my head and shoulder.  This is not a good look on anyone.

It’s not a good look because it can lead to some very nasty outfall, like neck pain.  That’s what happened to me.  So, when my boss confided that her back was killing her and told me, “I need a chiropractor near me in New York, NY”, I knew exactly what to tell her.

When my pain in the neck wouldn’t go away and after I’d been popping pills just to get through the day for a whole month, I walked into Back & Body Medical.  I’d seen the place as I’d passed it and thought it was worth a shot.  As healthcare clinics go, this one’s different.

I needed a chiropractor near me in New York, NY.

I went to Back & Body pretty messed up.  I kind of looked like Forrest Gump, watching TV, with my head at this weird angle.  I couldn’t straighten my neck anymore and the anti-inflammatories were starting to bother my stomach.

The chiropractor I saw was excellent.  Dr. David Perna is a real pro.  He took one look at me and knew I needed major help.  Right then and there, he started to tackle my problem.  He was deliberate in his examination and found the source of the problem and got straight to work, treating my massive pain in the neck.

Then, he gave me a little lecture about my phone.  Thanks, Dr. Perna.  I needed that.

Over the course of a few weeks, I started feeling better.  Soon, my pain in the neck was dealt with and my mobile device?  I don’t do that any more.  The bagel with a schmear can wait until I get to the office.  I’m still on the phone all the time, but now I know better than to mess with my neck the way I used to.

“Ouch! Where’s a chiropractor near me in New York, NY?”

My boss followed up on my advice and her back pain is now under Dr. Perna’s care.  He gave her a little lecture, too.  These days, you won’t find her slouching in front of her computer.  Dr. Perna’s helping hands have brought her the same quality care and pain relief I experienced at Back & Body Medical.

Don’t be an idiot like me.  Don’t wait a month.  If you have a pain in the neck, back, legs, head – or anywhere else for that matter, go see Dr. Perna and his team of therapists at Back & Body.

You can find them between Lex and Park Avenue, ready to help and to give you a necessary lecture on taking care of your spine.

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