“Help, where’s a chiropractor near me in Manhattan, NY?”

a man with back pain pressing his hand against the wall

My back was killing me.  I couldn’t believe it went on for so long.  I’d really believed that if I just waited, it would go away on its own.

Not. So.  Much.

It went on and on.  I took anti-inflammatories and they helped a bit, but the pain was still there.  I went about my daily business, but every day, the pain seemed to get a little worse.  Finally, I had to call in sick.  When you work in a warehouse, your back needs to be up to the challenge and mine wasn’t.

Sad story.  I know.  But it has a happy ending.  A friend of mine told me he had a major pain in the neck recently, saying, “I need a chiropractor near me in Manhattan, NY”, and I knew exactly what to say.

When I hit the wall with my back pain, I walked into Back & Body Medical.  I’d seen the place as I’d passed it on my way to work and thought it was worth a shot.  I was right.  It was a great experience.

I needed a chiropractor near me in Manhattan, NY.

Long story short, I was at the point I not only couldn’t work, I couldn’t stand up straight.  It was kind of scary, to tell the truth and enough to push me through Back & Body’s front door.

Dr. David Perna’s the chiropractor I saw there.  He took one look at me and knew I needed some serious help.  He didn’t waste a minute.

He was thorough in his examination, getting to the root of the problem and straight to work treating my back.  It was such a relief!

Then, Dr. Perna talked to me about the best way to lift heavy things and some exercises I could do to strengthen my back.

I started feeling better in a couple of weeks.  I’m at work again and my back is better than ever.  I followed doctor’s orders and feel strong, able and ready to take on any challenge the warehouse throws at me.  I don’t pretend to be invincible anymore (or The Hulk).  I take good care of my back, because, as Dr. Perna says, “Your back is for life!”.

“Where’s a chiropractor near me in Manhattan, NY?”

My friend followed my advice and her pain in the neck is now under Dr. Perna’s care.  He gave her a little telecommunications lecture, as it turns out.  These days, you won’t find her with her phone stuck between her head and shoulder.  Dr. Perna gave her the same quality care and pain relief I got at Back & Body Medical.

Take it from me.  That pain isn’t going anywhere.  If you’re in pain, don’t be a hero, go see Dr. Perna and his amazing team at Back & Body.

You can find them between Lex and Park Avenue, ready to help and advise you about how to take better care of yourself.  Your back is for life.  Take it seriously.

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