“Help! I need chiropractor near me in Long Island, NY?”

a man with neck pain hurting badly

I had a major pain in the neck and it’s all because I spend a lot of time on the phone.  I’m always doing three things at once, so my mobile device can usually be found stuck between my head and shoulder.  Don’t do it, people.  It spells “pain in the neck” in letters ten feet tall.  Trust me on this.

And a pain in the neck is no fun at all.  Sometimes, it hurt so much I couldn’t even fall asleep at night.  But that’s not the end of the story.  I got the help my pain in the neck needed.

So, when my boss confided that her back hurt and said, “I need a chiropractor near me in Long Island, NY,” I had the right answer.

After I’d been popping pills just to get through the day for a whole month, I walked into Back & Body Medical.  I’d seen the clinic as I’d passed it on the way to work and thought “What the heck?”.  I’m glad I did, because the work they do there is incredible.

I needed a chiropractor near me in Long Island, NY.

I went to Back & Body a total basket case.  I looked like Forrest Gump watching TV, with my head stuck at this strange angle.  What’s more, the anti-inflammatories I’d been eating were bothering my stomach.

The chiropractor who examined me was excellent.  Dr. David Perna is a pro.  He took one look at me and knew I needed major help, so he didn’t mess around and went straight to work.  He examined me carefully and found the source of my problem.  He treated my massive pain in the neck and now, I’m feeling great.

He also gave me a little lecture about my mobile device.  Thanks, Dr. Perna!

Soon, my pain in the neck was good and gone and my mobile device?  Firmly clutched in my hot, little hand.  I’m still an avid multi-tasker, just a much smarter one.  I’m still on the phone all the time, too, but now I know better than to abuse my neck the way I did for way too long.

“Ouch! Where’s a chiropractor near me in Long Island, NY?”

My boss followed my advice.  Her back pain is now being treated by the exceptional Dr. Perna.  Turned out he gave her a little lecture, too.  You won’t find her slouching in front of her computer, anymore.  Dr. Perna gave her the same excellent care and pain relief I got at Back & Body Medical.

Don’t be stupid, like me.  Don’t wait a month, stuffing yourself with harmful pain meds.  You don’t have to suffer from pain in the neck, back, legs, head – or anywhere else for that matter.  Go see Dr. Perna and his team of therapists at Back & Body Medical.

Find them between Lex and Park Avenue, ready to help and to give you a lecture on taking better care of yourself, for crying out loud!

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