Chiropractor Near Me In NYC

I spend a lot of time on the phone at my job.  I swear it sometimes seems as though my phone is an extension of my body.  It’s always jammed between my shoulder and neck, as I hurtle through New York at the speed of sound, on a mission to get things done.

And that’s a very bad habit.  It is a recipe for disaster, where your neck is concerned and that recipe came home to roost in my neck.  I was in a lot of pain and looking at the world in a whole new way (quite literally, because I couldn’t turn my head).

My pain in the neck wouldn’t let up.  After I’d been popping pills to get through the day for a month, I decided to walk into Back & Body Medical.  I’d heard good things about this clinic from friends and thought it was worth a try to get rid of the pain in my neck.

I found a chiropractor near me in NYC.

I went to Back & Body completely mangled.  I looked a little like Forrest Gump watching TV, with my head tilted sideways, at a weird angle.  I couldn’t straighten my neck anymore and the over-the-counter drugs I’d been taking were starting to bother my stomach.

The chiropractor I saw at Back & Body was excellent.  Dr. David Perna knows his stuff.  He took one look at me and knew I needed an intervention.  From the minute I walked into his office, he started to tackle the problem.  He was deliberate and thorough in his examination, finding the source of the problem and getting straight to work.

Then, he gave me a lecture about phones and how not to use them.  Thanks, Dr. Perna.  Message received.

Over the course of a few chiropractic adjustment sessions, I started feeling better.  Soon, my pain in the neck was dealt with and the phone?  I’m still on it all the time, but now I know how to avoid tormenting my neck, so I use it mindfully.

Addressing pain with the best.

Now that my neck is back to full function, I’ve discovered a good habit – chiropractic adjustment with the best, at Back & Body.  With Dr. Perna’s help, I’ve become much more aware of my posture and some of the habits that contributed to my pain in the neck.  Hint – it wasn’t just the phone.  The pain stemmed from a complex of bad posture habits and my phone was just the tip of the iceberg.

If you hurt, don’t be stubborn.  Don’t wait a month.  If you have a pain in the neck, back – or anywhere else for that matter, go see Dr. Perna and his team at Back & Body Medical.

You can find them between Lex and Park Avenue, ready to help and support you, relieve the pain and help you be a better friend to your back, body – and your neck.

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