Think A Chiropractor Can’t Help? Think Again.

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It’s a peculiar human trait that some people would rather suffer than be proven wrong.  They’d rather hobble through life clutching their lower backs than admit there might actually be something to the claims of chiropractic treatment.  We meet these people at Back and Body all the time.  We change their minds. At Back and Body, skeptical patients learn that sometimes, a chiropractor can be their best friend.

Since the late 19th Century, chiropractic adjustment has been helping people suffering from everything from neck and back pain to migraine headaches.  The founder of chiropractic medicine, Dr. D. D. Palmer was followed by his son, in the early days of the 20th Century, in disseminating the virtues of chiropractic medicine.  Since then, chiropractors all over the world have helped millions of people get back to living pain-free lives.

At Back and Body Medical, we take pride in continuing the tradition of chiropractic adjustment, with our team of exceptional chiropractors and physical therapists.  Our award-winning treatments and therapies are complemented by advanced diagnostics that get to the bottom of what’s causing the pain.  This diagnostic precision allows our team to build personalized treatment plans for our patients.

All we do here is based on scientific evidence.  We don’t believe in guessing.  We believe in a data-based approach and evidence-based treatments, to help you fully recover and return to normal function.

A chiropractor backed by an elite team of specialists

At Back and Body, we specialize in back pain.  When back pain strikes, making daily activities difficult or even impossible, you need the attention of highly-trained, dedicated specialists.  Your chiropractor, at Back Body, is a best friend supported by a small army of crack specialists delivering comprehensive care that ensures treatment is tailored to your needs.   At Back and Body Medical, our award-winning treatment and therapy are complemented by advanced diagnostics to identify the source of your pain and address it.

Because everyone’s different, sometimes what works for one person doesn’t for another.  At Back and Body Medical, we assemble the care plan that works for you and your specific problem.  Your chiropractor may be the only specialist you need.  But if you require the services of a physical therapist, you don’t want to have to go across town for the appointment.  You’ll find the treatments these specialists offered right here, with us.

All you need to treat the back pain that’s getting in the way of your quality of life is under one roof, at Back and Body.  You’ll save time, the frustration of intra-city travel and the guesswork often involved in sourcing qualified, reliable specialists.

At Back and Body Medical in New York City, all the back pain care you need in one place, for your convenience.  That makes an enormous difference when you’re in pain, and your mobility is compromised.

Not only will you discover the truth about chiropractic care with Back and Body, but you’ll also find yourself in the midst of a caring network of specialists with your healing in mind.  You’ll find a new best friend and a revelation in your chiropractor.

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