Chiropractic Manipulation for Chronic Migraine Headaches

woman with intense headache

NEW YORK, NY – 7 July, 2017 Anyone who suffers from migraine headaches knows how debilitating they can be.  Lasting from 4 to 72 hours, migraines can incapacitate those who live with them.  Many migraine sufferers rely on drug therapy for relief.  Some may even resort to Botox injections.

But chiropractic manipulation for chronic migraine headaches is an effective therapeutic tool for managing and sometimes, preventing the pain.  As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I’ve had a lot of success working with patients who live with the life disruption of chronic migraines.  With manipulation, they get the relief they’re looking for, without drugs.

Managing migraines with chiropractic.

Examining the results of existing studies (of which there aren’t many on the subject), researchers found that the more than 2,500 subjects involved saw a significant reduction of migraines and pain intensity with regular chiropractic care.

Specifically, almost a quarter of subjects reported a 90% reduction in the frequency of attacks.  Almost 50% of subjects stated that the intensity of pain they encountered was greatly reduced.

Part of this effect is due to chiropractic manipulation’s ability to “reset” the body.  By re-aligning the spine and associated muscles, chiropractors are able to mitigate their patients’ physical responses to stress.

And stress is a key migraine trigger for many people.  As many as 70% of those who suffer from migraines cite stress at work, in the home, or even excitement about an upcoming event as triggers for migraine attacks.

Inter-disciplinary care.

Because I practice at Back & Body Medical, I’m not working in isolation, but with the support of other skilled health care practitioners.  The general cause of migraine headaches continues to confound medical science, so it makes sense that working from triggers for individual patients is helpful.  It’s also true, by the same token, that an inter-disciplinarian approach like Back & Body’s holds out hope for pain relief.

With access to practitioners of acupuncture, chiropractic, sports medicine and physical therapy, patients at our clinic are provided with therapeutic flexibility.

Many of my patients manage migraine pain with chiropractic manipulation alone.  Others benefit from the application of therapies falling under the four disciplines at Back & Body, combined with chiropractic care.

The source of migraine headaches can be anything from a genetic pre-disposition to abnormalities in the neural pathways and brain chemistry.  Vascular anomalies and disorders in the central nervous system may also respond to migraine triggers.

For every migraine, there’s a concurrent treatment for patients to address it.  At Back & Body, our diversified approach addresses that reality by offering a wide range of treatments which have the effect of complementing my work as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Hope for migraine sufferers.

I’ve helped a lot of patients drastically reduce attacks and pain intensity with regular chiropractic manipulation for chronic migraine headaches.  Others have found relief by combining chiropractic care with acupuncture or physical therapy.

Chiropractic offers hope for migraine sufferers because of its approach to the patient, which considers the whole person, including lifestyle and overall health.  Contact me to find out more about chiropractic manipulation for chronic migraines.

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