Chiropractic for Football Players and Fans Alike

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Today, professional football players have access to highly trained sports medicine practitioners to keep them in fighting form.

Professional teams now rely on the presence of professionals like chiropractors to take the best possible care of the players, treating injuries but also maintaining alignment and balance for optimal performance.

This reality led to the formation of the Professional Football Chiropractic Society (PFCS), about a decade and a half ago.  In turn, chiropractic is enjoying the acceptance as a medical discipline it deserves.

When fans see the players being treated by chiropractors, they get an inkling of how useful and effective a discipline it is.  So, chiropractic for football players and fans alike is a “thing” and here’s why.

Your Body on Chiropractic

Chiropractic seeks not just to treat pain but to prevent it by maintaining optimal spinal alignment, which serves the nervous system.  When the spine is out of alignment, dysfunction in the nerves sets in.

Chiropractic also maintains the joints of the body in good order which means excellent mobility and everyone needs that – not just professional football players.

And while the players are on the field, putting that joint mobility to use, fans are in the stands jumping up and down and responding to the action – so fans’ bodies’ need chiropractic attention, too!

Stay Well Lubricated

And no, I don’t mean game day beer.  I mean water.  A lot of people don’t think about their skeletal systems in relation to water consumption, but think about – all your joints and the discs of your spine rely on proper lubrication to work well.

You know you need to drink water to help your organs function well and to flush toxins from your body.  But your bones and joints need that water, too.  Players know that.  Players also put a lot of sweat equity into their turn on the field.

But fans are well served to follow their lead and listen to a chiropractor.  And this chiropractor (like all others) is telling you to support your skeletal structures with at least 2 litres of the stuff a day.  If you drink coffee or alcohol or participate in sports yourself, then you need even more to compensate.

Make it a habit.

Chiropractic Adjustment Works

Take it from Steve Weatherford, Super Bowl-winning New York Giants punter.  Now retired from the NFL, Weatherford played 10 straight seasons with not one missed game, a fact he attributes to his reliance on chiropractic care.

Weatherford started visiting a chiropractor as a training support after a weight-lifting injury and kept calling on chiropractic care throughout his stellar career.  He was once singled out by Muscle & Fitness magazine as the “fittest player in the NFL”.

Fitness is not just about endurance and strength.  It’s about having a body that’s prepared to do what it needs to because it’s in alignment and perfect balance.

And that’s what chiropractic for football players and fans alike can achieve.

Ready to deploy the power of chiropractic with the multi-disciplinarian team at Back & Body Medical?  Contact me.  Let’s get started!

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