Can Whiplash Affect Your Balance?

Can whiplash affect balance?

We at Back & Body Medical in Manhattan help many people with whiplash injuries. The more that whiplash injuries are being studied, the more information being found about how it causes many other health problems is being uncovered. Neck sprains are very serious, unlike an ankle sprain, because the neck is responsible for a lot of duties, like keeping you in balance and upright.

Balance is something you may not think is complex, but which is. It involves co-ordinations between your inner ear, eye, movements, and neurological signaling from your neck, spine, and legs. Your brain gets inputs from the neck, spine, and legs to help determine your location in space, your previous location, and your future location. If any of these areas are affected, especially the neck, your balance will be off. 

Some ways that you will know if your balance is off are: stumbling often, not knowing where your feet are, tripping often, vertigo, and nausea.

A recent study conducted in Europe compares whiplash injured patients to normal healthy patients. It focused on the individual’s ability to sense the position of their head in space in either a tilted or rotated manner. Patients who had whiplash injuries showed disability in sense of position far more than the normal, healthy patients. 

Here at Back and Body Medical NY, we will use chiropractic care to normalize joint function of the neck in whiplash patients. Specific exercises and adjustments are done to restore normal mobility and improve neck posture in hopes that the balance improves. Balance therapy will possibly need to be done to maximize improvement. 

If you have been experiencing any of the following symptoms: stumbling often, not knowing where your feet are, tripping often, vertigo, and nausea from those, then there is a likely possibility that you are suffering from a whiplash injury.

Because whiplash not only affects your neck, but your brain, these symptoms will be very noticeable. Ignoring the issue will just make the injury worse as time passes. Visit us at Back and Body Medical to get your whiplash injury treated, and get your balance and mobility back to normal.

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