The Best NYC Chiropractors Share The Importance Of Custom Rehabilitation Exercise Programs

87079People who have active lifestyles are used to doing regular exercises. Their routines help them maintain a physically fit body. Regular exercise is a good way to maintain body functions properly. However, some people are restricted from performing such regular exercises because of several reasons, the most common of which are illnesses and injuries. When people suffer from an illness or an injury, some body parts become inactive, causing a decrease in mobility, pain, as well as weakness.

According to the best NYC chiropractors, when mobility is decreased and body functions are limited, people need to learn how to perform their body functions again. They need to relearn how to lift things without hurting themselves, they need to relearn how to do a stroke, etc. While this can be difficult and sometimes impossible for others, chiropractors say it is possible with determination, hard work, and rehabilitation programs.

What are custom rehabilitation exercise programs?

Custom rehabilitation exercise programs are recommended for patients who are recuperating from an illness, an injury, or a recent surgery. These rehab programs are also recommended for people with deformities. Such comprehensive programs target affected muscles and joints. The program aims to strengthen the body over a period of time. The process is performed slowly and gradually to ensure that the body is not pushed too hard and that it recovers and heals slowly but effectively. A custom rehab program will be facilitated and guided by a physical therapist.

How it works

When a patient comes in for a consultation, the physical therapist will assess the patient by conducting an examination. The exam helps determine the patient’s current body condition. The results will help the physical therapist determine the appropriate treatment plan for the patient. A treatment plan may vary and can be customized according to the condition of each patient. Each plan is designed to meet every patient’s need.

During the treatment program, modifications can be done in order to promote faster but well-timed healing. These changes will be encouraged as the patient advances through the program.

The intensity and the length of custom rehab programs depend on the patient’s current condition, and the individual needs of patients are taken into consideration as well.

During the treatment plan, the physical therapist guides the patient in doing therapeutic exercises as well as rehabilitation exercises to improve their body functions. They are also encouraged to do these exercises at home for faster recovery. Aside from exercise, patients are also taught how to improve their diet and sleep patterns to make the healing process effective.

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