Best Mattresses for Low Back Pain

mattress Helix

While all our bodies follow a common “blueprint”, no two are the same.  And back pain, whether in the lower back or elsewhere, manifests differently in different people.

And that, my friends, is why there is no such thing as the “ideal” mattress.  There are no two people alike and no mattress is going to cover all your bases.  But we can talk about the best mattresses (generally) for low back pain, due to their qualities of firmness and support for your spine and joints.

A medium-firm mattress is usually your best bet, as if it’s too firm, you may be causing pressure on joints.  If too soft, you’re not getting the kind of support you need.  So, think “happy medium” and then, make a point of asking if the manufacturer has a trial period.  Your body takes about 30 days to fully adapt to a new sleeping surface, so taking a “test drive” in the showroom probably isn’t going to cut it.

The Gold Standard – Helix

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that a customizable mattress is your best bet, if you’re living with low back pain.  I’ve stressed that there’s no such thing as a globally ideal mattress for any kind of back pain, so one which can be made to order and directly answers your needs is the best way to go.

After answering a questionnaire, the manufacturer will match your preferences, creating a completely personalized experience.  While a Helix may cost you little more, it’s guaranteed for 10 years and it’s your ideal mattress due to fine customization.

Nectar Sleep

This mattress brand will appeal to many.  Low back pain sufferers will be attracted to its five-layer construction.  Consisting of varying layers of different types of memory foam, this mattress features a blend of support and softness.

A great feature of the Nectar Sleep is its significantly lower price point.  Many will appreciate its 10-year replacement guarantee, also – free of charge.  After the initial 10-year period, the company will repair your mattress if a defect in construction is found.

Layla Sleep

Similar to the Nectar Sleep, Layla is constructed of multiple layers of foam – 4 in total.  The difference is that the layers include copper-infused foam, said to offer a cooler sleeping experience.  The attraction for low back pain sufferers is the superior support offered.

Mattress shoppers will also thrill to the lifetime guarantee offered by the manufacturer, for any defects discovered in the mattress after purchase.

The price point for this mattress hovers between Helix and Nectar.

While the pillow top mattress has been considered the leader in sleep for years now, layers of foam have become the most desirable style of mattress construction.  Two of the listed manufacturers follow this technique, with Helix being customized and extremely sophisticated, for a personalized sleep.

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