Baseball and Chiropractic: The Original “Performance Enhancer”

baseball player on the ground catching ball

We’ve all looked on in horror as sports (both professional and amateur) have been infiltrated by performance enhancing drugs.

Is there is anything less sportsmanlike than trying to boost your athletic performance with anything besides hard work?

I think not.

As we’ve watched our heroes fall, censured for the use of PEDs and even banned from playing fields across the nation, we’ve lost a little of our belief in the whole idea of the hero archetype and that makes me a very sad chiropractor, indeed.

But the truth is that baseball is just one of many sports for which chiropractic is a natural fit.  It’s the original performance enhancer and here’s why.

Hands on Enhancement

While it’s tempting to take PEDs (because people want to win at all costs), they’re illegal.  There’s a better way to enhance athletic performance and chiropractic care is it.

Here’s an interesting fact to support what I’m saying here:  only two major league baseball teams don’t have a chiropractor on staff – the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies.  Every other team out there knows the value of a team chiropractor to their players.

Chiropractic is a form of hands on enhancement which serves to align the body so it can function optimally.  It’s proactive, helping to prevent injuries before they can happen, due to biomechanical issues, muscle imbalance and faulty technique.

Working with a chiropractor, baseball players (or any athlete for that matter) can enjoy better performance and fewer injuries.  They experience enhanced range of motion, greater flexibility and less soreness following training and games.

Trained Nutritionists

With a chiropractor on the team, players get the bonus of a clinician who’s also trained to offer nutritional advice.

All chiropractors study nutrition as part of our rigorous education.  Nutrition is key to athletic performance because feeding the machine is what keeps it at its best.

Nutrition geared to enhancing performance, building muscle mass and providing athletes with the right vitamins and minerals is key to winning the game, every time.  It can’t be ignored and a chiropractor comes with this knowledge – and hands that keep hardworking bodies performing.

Injuries Happen

Collisions at the plate and overuse injuries are common among baseball players.  They happen.  But with a chiropractor on deck, athletes enjoy a faster and more thorough recovery.

We go to the root of the problem, ensuring that injuries won’t bench players in the future.  It’s part of what we do.  We’re not superficial about treating injuries and that offers tremendous benefit to baseball players.

Back & Body Medical

The team at Back & Body is uniquely placed to treat athletes of all kinds.  With chiropractic, physical therapy, sports medicine and acupuncture available under one roof, we’re a one-stop resource keeps your body ready to play.

Who needs PEDs when you have a chiropractor in the dugout?  Chiropractic is the original performance enhancer so effective that pro teams pay us to attend to their most valuable assets – the players.

Ready to enhance your performance naturally?  Contact me and let’s do it!

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