Back and Body New York and the Vicious Low Back Pain Cycle

Here at Back and Body New York, we are going to help you understand the vicious cycle if you have a disc problem and how it can lead to further problems with your low back.

Neurosurgeons looked at two different groups of people. Group one had a disc herniation diagnosed and found on an MRI and group 2 had just low back pain, but their MRI showed no disc herniation or problems. They then looked at the cross sectional of two key muscles; the multitudes muscle and erector spinae. Then they looked at the cross section of those two muscles. They found that the people with the disc herniation had atrophy of the erector spinae muscle and the multitudes muscle. They looked at the  people without the disc herniation but with low back pain, and found that the cross section of the muscle was fine. Between the two groups, the psoas muscle that is extremely important for the lower back had no signs of degenerative processes or atrophy.

This degenerative process or atrophy, they found a decrease in cross sectional area, and more fatty deposition in the muscle. The study also found that muscle degeneration and atrophy can occur for a time period of about 6 weeks after they have a disc herniation. This is compressing the dorsal nerve root, which is instrumental in controlling the erector spinea and the multifidus muscle.

When you have a disc problem, the two muscles are very key and instrumental in maintaining what is left of the integrity and stability of those two vertebra. If there is a problem between the two vertebra, the muscles are not strong enough to protect it.

Here at Back and Body NY, we have solutions to these problems. Ultrasound diagnostic is used to look at the cross sectional muscle tissue to make sure it doesn’t look atrophy. If after the treatment the patient has a suspected problem, and MRI will need to be done to proceed with your care. An NCVEMG test can also be done that looks specifically at the nerve root and what level of nerve root is being affected. We wrap it all together by providing specific nerve affected exercises for you to do at home. These will fire up the multifidus muscle and the erector spinae.

Watch as Dr David Perna describes this problem in greater depth.


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