When The Telephone Game Won’t Cut It

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Mention you have a back problem and suddenly, everyone around you knows the best chiropractor in town.  Surprisingly, every single one of them knows someone different, and they all say these mystery chiropractors are “the best.”  Swearing up and down that you shouldn’t waste your time with any other chiropractor for any reason, a dozen different people have a dozen different chiropractors to recommend.  It’s like a game of telephone.  The message can get distorted – and confusing.

But you want to be sure.  You want to know you’re not wasting your time on someone who’s not going to have diagnostics in place to get to the root of your problem.  You need to feel comfortable with the chiropractor you see about your problem.  But at Back and Body, that sense of trust is just the beginning of the story.  In New York City, you won’t find a more comprehensive facility specializing in back pain.

Rooted in tradition.  Focused on proven treatments

At Back and Body Medical, we take pride in continuing the tradition of chiropractic adjustment, with our team of exceptional chiropractors and physical therapists in NYC.  Our award-winning treatment and therapy are complemented by advanced diagnostics which get to the root causes of back and neck pain.  This diagnostic precision allows our team to assemble a personalized program of proven treatments, including chiropractic, to help you fully recover and return to normal function.

The professionals on our chiropractic team share a balanced, evidence-based outlook when it comes to chiropractic adjustment.  At Back and Body Medical, we take a conservative approach that delivers outstanding outcomes for our patients.

We’re realistic at Back and Body.  We involve you in every stage of your treatment plan.  Your chiropractor is there to help you find the right treatment for you, whether chiropractic is all you need, or the support of other disciplines is indicated.

A collaborative approach

At Back and Body Medical, we believe the healing process has much to do with the patient’s engagement with the therapy being prescribed.  Your chiropractor will work with you, involving you in the healing process as an active participant.  We’ll provide you with a detailed therapeutic plan and partner with you on your journey to full recovery.

Back and Body will assemble the treatment plan that’s most effective for you, always seeking the best possible therapy or combination of therapies for your problem.  Our excellent patient outcomes testify to the diligence we apply to finding appropriate therapeutic solutions.

We’re conveniently located

Back and Body is in New York City near the 59th-Lexington subway station.  We’re conveniently located to serve patients, providing a full spectrum of therapeutic services.  Call us to connect with a professional chiropractor you can trust, backed up by a team of clinical experts.

When playing the telephone game with friends in search of a competent chiropractor just won’t cut it, trust the professionals at Back and Body Medical.  Working with us, your chiropractor is a trusted, accredited professional, offering evidence-based treatment that delivers relief when you need it.

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