Auto Accident Injury Treatment Near Me in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC

Driving in winter can be frightening.  I never really feel safe and I’m constantly looking out for crazy drivers when there’s ice involved.

But no matter how carefully you drive, accidents will happen.  You can’t control the quality of other people’s driving, so regardless of how defensively you drive, your number may come up.

I had a close encounter with a driver who was going too fast, recently.  I was stopped at the red light.  The road was icy.  I saw him coming up in the rearview, but I couldn’t get out of the way, as cars were in the intersection.

The vehicle I was rear-ended by couldn’t stop in time.  The impact made my head snap back and then forward.  I felt nothing, at first.  But hours later, I knew I was injured.  The pain was not pleasant to wake up to, at 4 am.

Back & Body Medical.

I’d already visited Back & Body, so I knew where to find pain relief.  They’d treated me with superior chiropractic care before, so I knew they’d be able to treat my whiplash, with auto accident injury treatment near me in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC.

I’m an enormous fan of this renowned clinic, because it combines 4 distinct disciplines to deliver effective care plans, personalized to the needs of their patients.  As I mentioned earlier, Back & Body offers excellent chiropractic care, but they also offer acupuncture, sports medicine and physical therapy.

I arrived for my consultation with total confidence and confidence in so crucial to the healing process.  The more invested you are in your treatment, the more successful it’s going to be.

A team approach.

Back & Body is more than a convenient collection of therapeutic models at one clinic.  The methodology here employes team-based care as an effective means of relieving pain.   Auto accident injury treatment near me in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC at Back & Body has won awards exactly because of this groundbreaking, team approach.

The Back & Body chiropractor performed a careful examination and then, ordered key diagnostics to better understand the extent of my injury.  Next, he told me that the best way forward for a successful outcome would be marrying the expertise of a physical therapist to his own.

With a treatment program tailored to me, it wasn’t long before the pain was resolved.  The outstanding practitioners at this Hell’s Kitchen facility got me back on my feet. The pain is gone.  I’m feeling like myself again.  Just like my car accident never even happened.

Award-winning care.

I was so glad that I was aware of the care at Back & Body Medical.   I’m spreading the news as a recommendation to anyone who’s been injured in a car accident.

Auto accident injury treatment near me in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC is amazingly effective and practiced at the highest professional level at this award-winning facility.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you need Back & Body Medical.  Contact them for award-winning care.

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