Are You Hurting Your Back Without Knowing?

man with aching back

You don’t need to be working in a physically intense job to hurt your back.  You don’t need to be an athlete, stunt person or rodeo clown.  Nope.  In fact, back pain isn’t always related to damage.

Sometimes, it’s the natural aging process.  Other times, it’s lifestyle and habits.

So, let’s answer the question, “Are you hurting your back without knowing?” and see if there aren’t a few adjustments you might want to consider.

Sitting Around

Do you sit in front of a computer at work?  Do you plunk down on the couch the minute you come home, rising only to answer the call of natural or snacks?

Then you’re hurting your back without even knowing it.

You risk disc compression that can mean a lot of pain.  When the structures of the spine (like intervertebral discs) are compressed, it’s likely your nerves are going to complain (pain).

But there’s plenty you can do to mitigate the effects of extensive sitting.  For one, get up every half hour and move around.  Get off the bus a little sooner and walk a block or two before or after work.  Walk a little further to grab lunch.

You can also greatly improve the chances of developing back pain by adding lumbar support to your office chair and modelling proper posture while sitting – chest up, shoulders down, head in neutral position and hindquarters against the back of your chair, with feet flat on the floor.

The Wrong Footwear

This one isn’t just about women and high heels.  The type of shoe you wear should be comfortable – not just for your feet but for your back.

No two people are the same.  We all have different ways of carrying ourselves and a variety of aids to carry ourselves in more proper alignment.  Some people swear by a bit of a heel on their shoes, or an athletic shoe with a significant wedge.  Others like a flatter shoe.  If you’re struggling with back pain, you may also need orthotics (medical shoe insoles) to reform your gait and posture.

And yes, women.  Wearing heels may feel powerful but wearing them all the time is going to mess with your back eventually.  Try varying heel heights and again – an orthotic solution.

Letting Stress Take Over

For the longest time, no one took the physical impact of stress on the human body seriously.  Nowadays, though, we know it’s real.

And stress doesn’t just interfere with your state of mind, your skin and your blood pressure (as if these consequences weren’t enough).  It interferes with your neck and back.

Stress causes us to tense up and when that happens, we’re activating muscles inappropriately.  This can have a disastrous effect on your spine health.

Finding ways to deal with stress is one of the most effective tools for defending your overall health.  Whether that means deep breathing, meditation, Yoga, or a good, sweaty run, finding a way to effectively combat the deleterious effects of stress on your body is a priority.

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