All About Active Release Technique: New York City Chiropractors Share the Basic Facts

Prolonged injuries and muscle-related pain always require the immediate diagnosis of (and treatment from) a doctor. However, if you’ve consulted several doctors, undergone various treatments, and were prescribed numerous medications that seem to work only temporarily (or even not at all), chances are, you’ve simply learned to live with your condition now and are trying your best to go about your regular daily activities. You will probably just visit your specialist when the pain is too much to bear, to get some prescribed medicines.

Athletes and fitness buffs, however, can’t enjoy this kind of liberty. When they are stuck with an ongoing injury or muscle-related pain, they will grapple with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty since they are not sure whether they should continue training or it would be best for them to take some time off from their physical activities.

Active Release Technique New York City chiropractors say, is a chiropractic treatment that athletes, fitness buffs, and anyone suffering from injuries and muscular discomfort for a long time can choose to achieve pain relief.

Also called ART, this therapy is a form of hands-on soft tissue treatment that uses a system or movement-based process to alleviate numerous problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. These issues are usually the result of overuse injuries or OUI and repetitive motion injuries or RMI.

This chiropractic therapy focuses on developed adhesions or scar tissue in muscles. When tissue is damaged through injury, the body responds by replacing the tissue with fibrosis (scar tissue)which adheres to healthy tissue. These adhesions can enlarge over time, making the muscles shorter and weaker. This, in turn, alters the range of motion of the affected body part and can compress nerves, which can cause pain and poor mobility. When ART is applied, it can help restore motion and release trapped blood vessels, thus eliminating pain and weakness in the tissue.

An ART therapist, using only his or her fingers, would treat an injured muscle by shortening it through manual tension. While the therapist holds the tension in place, the patient will have to actively lengthen the injured muscle.

Leading chiropractors say that ART is highly effective in treating the following problem areas:

  • Over-trained and strained muscle tendons including shoulder rotator cuff injuries, Achilles’ heels problems, and hamstring pulls.
  • Repetitive strain injuries such as tennis elbows and shin splints.
  • Chronic muscle tightness. ART can rapidly loosen most muscle tightness since this therapy is the equivalent of stretching every day for two months.
  • Spinal problems. ART provides quick relief for stiff necks and backs.
  • Tightness in the extremities. Tight hip muscles or ankles can be helped since ART treats the tight muscles.
    You don’t have to live with injuries and muscle pain that have been giving you discomfort and limited mobility your whole life. With ART, you can experience pain reduction and better physical performance.

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