Accident Prevention Tips

What Do You Do if You've Been in An Accident?

Accidents happen all the time, but we are fast approaching one of the heaviest times of the year as the holiday season is about to start and the roads get worse due to slippery and icy conditions. Prevention is better than cure, and so we’ve collated some great tips from across the net to put together what we consider our keep out of an accident plan. This forms part 1 of a two part series of tips for helping prevent an accident.

Allow yourself plenty of time for your trip

If you are rushed, then the chances are you’re going to rush your trip and thus increase your chances of either causing or being involved in an accident. So if you know you are going somewhere (like work even), allow yourself an extra few minutes and leave earlier. Get up ten minutes early. Leave ten minutes early, drive normally and you’ll arrive on time.

Keep the right attitude and frame of mind

Do not drive aggressively. If someone in front of you is driving slow, do not put pressure on them by tailgating. This helps no one. Wait for the appropriate time to overtake and always ensure that you are overtaking safely. Alternatively, if you can use an alternative route, do so. Remain calm while you are driving.

Seat belt

It goes without saying that you must wear a seat belt at all times. Seat belts are proven to have saved millions of lives worldwide. Use it.

No texting

Want to connect with someone? Call them? Text them? Then pull over and do it. Texting has cost millions of lives already. Do not add to that tally.

Maintenance of vehicle

This is important any time of the year, but in winter, it’s even more important. Look at the tread on your tires. Check your brakes. These things can save your life and others too when in good condition.

Do not drink & drive

The laws seem to get more and more strict regarding drinking and driving, but the bottom line is, don’t do it. If you’re going to have a drink, just get someone else to drive or catch an Uber or something. As for drugs, then a definite no-no. Even prescription drugs you need to be aware of what you are taking and what effect they will have on your driving.

Next week, we’ll look at some more great tips to help reduce the chances of an accident. In the meantime, we have put together a free accident eBook guide. It’s 15 pages long but provides some great information about the effects of an accident on the body and how it can be treated. Check it out here. It’s free and instantly downloadable right now.

If you are in pain, suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches or whatever, come in and see us, we can help. We also accept insurance and would be delighted to help you out of pain. Call us today or Schedule an appointment.

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