4 Benefits of Seeing a Chiropractor

a woman receiving chiropractic treatment

I’ll start out by pointing out that there are way more than 4 benefits of seeing a chiropractor.  Benefits are numerous and can impact your health in ways you never dreamed possible.  People usually come to see me when they’re already in pain.  Few know, however, that regular visits to a chiropractor can be helpful in multiple ways.

For the purposes of this post, we’re going to stick to 4 demonstrable benefits you may find surprising.  Read on to discover my personal top 4 benefits of seeing a chiropractor.

1. Better posture.

I know I write a lot about posture and its importance to health and wellbeing.  That’s because it’s crucial.  Regular visits to your chiropractor can help you correct posture problems that may lead to chronic conditions down the road.

Posture in the age of the computer is becoming an increasingly predominant healthcare challenge.  Working with your chiropractor, you’ll be able to correct posture anomalies arising from remaining seated in front of a computer for extended periods that can lead to regret later in life.   Your seated posture can turn into challenges as serious as fracturing in the upper vertebrae if not corrected early.

2. A good night’s sleep.

How would you like to sleep more soundly?  This is one of my favorite of the 4 benefits of seeing a chiropractor, because lack of sleep affects millions of people.  A chiropractor can help by relieving pain, for starters.  But chiropractic adjustment and manipulation can also relieve stress, which is a major cause of sleeplessness and poor sleep quality.

People who visit a chiropractor regularly sleep more profoundly, which supports a healthier immune system and sharper focus during the day.  Sleeping well is so important to your overall health, it’s something you need to be proactive about achieving.

3. Stress reduction.

Stress is the silent killer affecting people here in New York City at a higher rate than what’s considered healthy.  The Stress in America Survey found that New Yorkers have a stress level at just over 5 (on a scale of 0-10).  4 on this scale is defined as “normal” stress – which is more motivating than dangerous.

A chiropractor helps you manage stress’s affects on your body.  Contrary to popular belief, stress is not “all in your head”.  Following an adjustment, your newly-aligned body will signal your brain that all systems are go.  The effect is that you will suffer from fewer stress-related illnesses and their symptoms and improve your general state of health.

4. Chemical imbalance and mood.

Of the 4 benefits of visiting a chiropractor, this is perhaps the least well-known.  But many people who live with conditions like chronic depression and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) can derive material benefit from regular chiropractic adjustment.

When the body’s complex systems are out of balance, the symptoms can manifest as mental health issues.  Chiropractic care, when applied by a professional practitioner familiar with these disorders, can restore balance and be the gateway to a better life.

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