Your NY Chiropractor Talks Text Neck

NY chiropractor discusses text necl

Do you use your cell phone often? I’m sure the answer to this question is a yes, and that’s because cell phone use has been growing rapidly every year. While cellphones can be great, they can create many physical and mental issues as well. Today, your NY chiropractor will be giving you tips on healthy cellphone use to hopefully help any issues you may be experiencing. Let’s get right into it with our list of tips.

List of tips:

  • Turn off your push notifications, especially for games and apps that have no real life use.
  • Spend less time on social media, or even delete your accounts.
  • Remove the most frequent apps you use from the home screen.
  • Schedule specific time away from your phone.
  • Put it down two hours before bed.
  • Limit your overall use throughout the day, you can track your screen time in the iphone settings.

By doing these things, you will elimiate many possible issues. One very common issue that comess along with a lot of cell phone use is the “text neck.” This occurs when you bend your neck forwards to look at the screen, which places pressure on the neck. Every degree you look down adds 1 lb of pressure to your neck muscles. Poor posture is another issue. There is increased pressure put on the spine from bending to look at your cell phone. Finally, your eyesight. The blue/white light from cell phones is not natural. If you use your screens too much at night, this can affect your sleep and shift circadian rhythms. Try to install an app to warm up your screen. 

If you are experiencing neck pain, or any other pain from using your device too often, come and see your NY chiropractor. We are here to help you manage your pain.

Your Manhattan chiropractor is here to help you with whatever pain you are suffering from. Make an appointment today.

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