The World Cup, Soccer and Chiropractic

World cup and soccer ball

If you’re a soccer (or football in the rest of the world) fan, you know what the date June 14 represents.

That’s the very special day on which the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks into gear, bringing together pitch-masters from all over the globe, vying to be the top team.

This 32-day party in Russia promises to reveal new stars to displace the Ballon D’Or dominating twosome of Messi and Ronaldo.  Since 2008, one or the other of these two World Cup icons has taken the prize.

But I’ll set aside my inner soccer hooligan for a moment to turn to the subject of this post – the World Cup, soccer and chiropractic.

Soccer and chiropractic – a great fit

Chiropractic care has been making steady inroads in the world of professional sports of all types for quite some time now.  Even in 1994, the Women’s World Cup Champions had an on-staff chiropractor, with almost every member having adjustments in pre-Cup training and during the championship.

ESS is part of the reason that soccer and chiropractic are a great fit.  Endurance, strength and structure are the building blocks of athletic performance for all athletes, regardless of the sport they’re playing.

But many athletes overlook the importance of balance in their training, even with close supervision from trainers and medical advisors.  Focusing on one or two facets of ESS, they fail to reach their full athletic potential and further, needlessly expose themselves to injury.

Soccer and ESS

Soccer is a physically demanding sport, requiring busts of explosive speed, sudden stops, agility and endurance, all played out on an enormous field.

Soccer also demands a lot of twisting while kicking the ball, which can take a toll on the lower back and hips, when form isn’t supported by total ESS.  For this reason, it’s critical that soccer players pay special attention to structure, their spines and the role that spinal dysfunction can play in the health of their nervous systems.

That’s not to say that endurance and strength take a back seat to structure for soccer players.  As I’ve said earlier, these three components in balance form the foundation of the superior performance demanded of elite athletes like FIFA World Cup soccer players.

Immediate symptoms may manifest in the back and lower extremities, including the feet.  But some of the cost of unbalanced training and a failure to adhere to form can result in the long-term diminishment of athletic prowess.  Players can become slow and lose the power needed to score those winning “goooooooooals”.

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!

Chiropractic care has become such a tremendous support to FIFA World Cup players because of the issues mentioned in this post.  With the help of a chiropractor, players find balance and alignment in the spine which defends the integrity of the nervous system.

If I sound excited about World Cup 2018, it’s because I am.  But I’m much more excited about what I can do as a chiropractor to help elite athletes perform at their best.

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