Working at Your Home Office

We know we’ve focused a lot on home office set ups over the past few weeks. We have been seeing an increase in patients who are in pain due to improperly set up environments so we feel we need to push a little more to get the message out there and help people.

This video below by Dr Perna takes us through the ideal set up, through to exercises and stretches you can do to help prevent back and neck pain at your desk and also a visual of what happens when a person doesn’t have a good home office set up. The effects on the discs and how excessive pressure from poor posture in sitting could lead to compression of the discs and ultimately, herniations.

So check it out below and try and take as much from it as possible. As ever, we are here to help anyone who is in pain, whether through working from home or whatever. Give us a call or schedule an appointment here.


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