Whiplash Treatment in New York, NY

Whiplash is a type of injury commonly associated with car accidents, typically rear-end collisions. While seatbelt restraints protect the body of the people in the car, the neck whips forward and then backward with incredible force. Pain, stiffness, and an array of other problems develop. If you have been in an accident, whiplash treatment in New York, NY, often helps.

By finding a licensed chiropractor who offers whiplash treatment in New York, NY, many additional symptoms are dramatically reduced or completely eliminated. This includes decreased mobility, muscle spasms, dizziness, blurred vision, fatigue, and a host of other complaints.

Hiring the Best Chiropractor

Whether dealing with the symptoms of whiplash mentioned or something else, like joint dysfunction, a herniated discĀ or decreased mental function, it is imperative that you get a proper diagnosis and treatment. In some instances, traditional medical care is required. Many times, whiplash treatment in New York, NY, from a reputable chiropractor is the sole solution or something that compliments conventional medicine.

The Effects of Whiplash

Within milliseconds of being rear-ended or in some other type of accident, the cervical spine bends in an S-shaped curve. In this altered shape, the lower cervical spine is bent backward and the upper part bent forward.

With whiplash, the neck moves beyond the normal range of motion. Because of that, ligaments and discs are often injured. In addition, pressure is applied to the nervous system, and as muscles try to deal with the impact, they contract.

With whiplash treatment in New York, NY, the spine is stabilized, thereby providing more protection and reducing the risk of greater injury. As part of the stabilization process, a licensed chiropractor will consider several key factors, including your posture, physical condition, gender, and the exact type and severity of the injury.

Many people believe that unless their vehicle sustained major damage or the driver of the other car was moving fast, whiplash will not occur. In reality, whiplash happens in slow-moving accidents and those that cause little vehicle damage. The good news is that whiplash treatment in New York, NY, can realign the spine, bringing much-needed relief to people of all ages.

Because every case of whiplash is unique, it is essential to visit a reputable chiropractor with extensive experience and expertise in treating this type of injury. Chiropractic care is provided specifically on a case-by-case basis to ensure that every patient is provided with safe and effective treatment.

Through treatments like manipulation, exercise, electrical stimulation, muscle relaxation, and even lifestyle changes, you can completely recover from the effects of whiplash and much faster than the standard six-month period.


If you have been in a rear-end collision, had your neck jolted while on an amusement park ride, or injured in some other way, we can help. At Back and Body Medical, located in New York, our licensed chiropractors will carefully choose the appropriate treatment that works best for you. To get relief from whiplash symptoms, please call us today.

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