Which Is It? Bulging Disc Or Herniated Disc? Let Back And Body Medical Break It Down For You.

spine bone with bulging disc

When you’re suffering from the pain associated with a bulging or herniated disc, you may be confused about the proper name for the condition.  A lot of people are.  That’s because this condition is referred to by a wide array of terms.  These include “pinched nerve”, ruptured disc, slipped disc and torn disc.  For our purposes, we’ll stick with the term “bulging disc” to avoid any further confusion.

You may not know this, but the pain associated with a bulging disk is not caused by the disk itself.  The pain is actually caused by what leaks from the disc when it’s under pressure.  This material, in turn, irritates a nerve or nerves near the site of the bulging disc.  This can cause “radicular” (nerve root) pain.  When that happens, the pain can show up elsewhere in the body.  For example, a bulging disc in the lower spinal column can manifest as sciatica, with the pain radiating down one or both legs.

If you’re suffering from what you suspect is a bulging disk, Back and Body Medical is an expert care facility focused on ailments related to the spine and its function.  At Back and Body, our team of back care experts employs state-of-the-art diagnostics to identify the source of your pain.  This is especially crucial in diagnosing and examining the causes of bulging disk syndrome.  Our doctors are highly-trained in diagnostic procedures which reveal the root cause of the pain you’re experiencing.

A comprehensive suite of therapies

At Back and Body Medical, our clinicians form a team.  They work together, offering the benefits of their specialized services as an integrated solution to pain.  You may believe you need a bulging disk doctor.  But what bulging disk syndrome requires is a multi-disciplinarian approach.  This supports your recovery from the condition with an array of clinical services, all contributing to the resolution of your bulging disk issue.

For us, a bulging disk doctor is a team, and our team is integrated and comprehensive.  That’s the kind of care you need for a bulging disk, especially if the condition has begun to manifest itself in other parts of your body, as is the case with sciatica.

One facility for total bulging disk care

When you’re in pain, the last thing you need is to be running all over town, attending specialists’ offices.  At Back and Body Medical, all your specialist care is under one roof.  Our therapeutic services cover a diverse spectrum of treatments.  Our chiropractors, therapists, and medical personnel bring with them wide-ranging experience in only those therapies which are evidenced-based and rigorously proven effective through scientific research.

Here, you’ll find a team of compassionate medical professionals to serve as your bulging disk recovery team.  We’ll identify the source of the pain and then work together to heal you of it.

Your bulging disk recovery team

If you need the kind of care only an integrated, comprehensive team of medical professionals can provide, call to schedule a free consultation.  Let Back and Body be your bulging disk recovery team.

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