When You Hurt Too Much to Sleep

a man with sleep problem

If you suffer from chronic pain affecting any part of your body, you needn’t be told by me that getting a good night’s sleep can be a tall order.

You’ve got a battery of tools in your toolbox to deal with it.  You take a hot bath before bed.  You’ve banished all electronics (including television) from your bedroom.  You don’t read in bed.  But even these strategies don’t get you the good night’s sleep you need to function during the day.

You may have tried sleep aids like serotonin, CBD oil or even prescription pain meds.  Some chronic pain sufferers need a dose of muscle relaxant before retiring.  But many of you still find a decent night’s rest elusive.

When you hurt too much to sleep, it’s almost as though you’re losing your mind.  There’s a reason that sleep deprivation is often used as a means of torture.  You, of all people, understand the power sleeplessness has over your life.


There are health consequences attending an ongoing lack of sleep.  These range from obesity and an elevated risk of heart to disease to problems at work.  When you haven’t slept well, your brain is foggy.  You lack energy and focus.

The consequences can spill over into your personal relationships too.  And that’s understandable.  You’re not only struggling with chronic pain, you’re doing it on very little sleep.  That can make you cranky.  You may find yourself snapping at loved ones, colleagues and friends.  That won’t earn you any points in the workplace, at home or in your social life.

There’s Help

Those reading this need to ask themselves if the pain is something they’re willing to bear.  Too often chronic pain sufferers feel isolated.  They sense that people are tired of hearing about their pain and so, they suck it up.

But when you hurt too much to sleep, martyrdom is the wrong answer.  You’re not heroic.  You’re not a “trooper”.  You’re hurting yourself and those around you.  You’re actively messing with the quality of your life.

But it doesn’t need to be that way.

There’s nothing “weak” about seeking medical help.  In fact, it’s a proactive step that liberates you from a toxic cycle of pain and lack of sleep which can seriously impact your life and relationships.

If you’ve ignored your pain/sleep problem for a while, you can still do something.  You can visit the team at Back & Body Medical.  At our award-winning clinic in the heart of Manhattan, we’re a pain relief resource that’s helped hundreds of people live better lives.

While you’re being a hero, you may be exacerbating your pain problem.  Without surgery, our team can find the source of your pain and treat it with therapies from chiropractic, acupuncture, sports medicine and physical therapy.

To a Good Night’s Sleep

What would you do for an uninterrupted, blissful night’s sleep?   Here’s what you should do – contact the team at Back & Body Medical and get the help you need to get on with your life, feeling more like yourself.

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