When Back Pain Strikes

back pain lettersBack pain is a global problem.  It’s mind boggling to consider that up to 80% of the world’s people will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

This incredible statistic is due to more than injuries and accidents.  Increasingly, global populations are following the West’s lead.

Sedentary lifestyles are becoming more prevalent, and this reality is beginning to impact the health and wellness of people everywhere.

The more time we spend sitting, while we’re working, driving, or resting at home, the more potential there is for back pain.  Sitting is one of the leading causes of back pain, in modern times.  The position places significant pressure and stress on the spinal column, in addition to reducing muscle tone, respiratory function, and overall flexibility.

Clearly, we need to do more to mitigate the effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles on our bodies.  But when back pain strikes, people in New York City can count on Back and Body Medical to find the source of the pain and treat it effectively.  The back pain doctor you’re looking for is here, on our team of specialists.

Comprehensive care for back pain.

Back and Body Medical is an integrated care center right here in New York City.  Our team of medical doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors specializes in back pain.  When back pain strikes, making daily activities difficult or even impossible, you need a highly-skilled back pain doctor to address the problem causing your pain.  At Back and Body Medical, our award-winning treatment and therapy are complemented by advanced diagnostics to identify the source of your pain and address it.

With Back and Body Medical, there’s no guesswork.  There’s no shuttling between specialist appointments, looking for the appropriate treatment.  All you need to treat the back pain that’s interrupting the smooth conduct of your life is at Back and Body.  We are your one-stop back pain specialist shop.  You’ll save time, the frustration of intra-city travel and the guesswork involved in sourcing qualified specialists.

When you’re in pain, there’s no time to shuttle between appointments with various specialists, all over town.  At Back and Body Medical in New York City, all the back pain care you need is right here under one roof, for your convenience.  That makes an enormous difference when you’re in pain, and your mobility is compromised.

No guesswork.  Evidence-based and reliable.

Back and Body’s balanced, evidence-based approach to treating back pain is an outgrowth of the years of experience our back pain doctors share.  From an array of therapeutic treatments and complementary therapies, we’ll choose those proven to be most effective for solving the problem causing your pain.   Count on our no-nonsense approach to address the source of your back pain.

Our patients enjoy outstanding outcomes for back pain issues, because of our conservative, methodical approach to treatment.  The back pain doctors and therapists here engage realistically, offering you diagnostic and therapeutic excellence developed over many years.  Among the skilled professionals at Back and Body Medical, you’ll find the back pain doctor you need.

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