What to Do for Chronic Low Back Pain in New York

man with back pain sitting on his bed

Low Back Pain is extremely common in many people in the US. In fact chronic low back pain New York found that about 80 percent of adults have experienced it in their life, and it’s a main effect of job related disability and missed work. The National Institutes of Health even says that more than 25 percent of adults have experienced a recent episode of low back pain.

When it comes to back paon, both men and women are affected equally. It can be caused by a specific incident, like over lifting, or it can develop slowly from wear and tear. Research has found that a sedentary lifestyle during the week can be a cause of the pain development, most times when it is followed by weekend activity.

The good news from chronic low back pain New York is that 80 percent of non chronic low back pain resolves with self care or short term management. The other 20 percent can have symptoms for up to a year. There are measures that one can take to manage chronic lbp and prevent disability.

A study that chronic low back pain New york found looked at maintenance spinal manipulative therapy (smt) and determined its success in dealing with chronic low back pain. Researchers assigned 60 patients to receive either 12 treatments of sham therapy for a month, 12 treatments of therapy for one month with no treatment after, or 12 treatments for one month with therapy twice a month for the next nine months.

Researchers found that group number two and three experienced much lower pain levels and disability scores than the sham treatment group at the end of the first month. But only the third group experienced greater improvement when looking at pain and disability at the ten month evaluation. Without continued smt, the second group’s pain and disability scores went back to near pre treatment scores. Chronic low back pain Manhattan concludes that smt works for chronic non specific lbp, but the achieve long term benefit, patients must continue receiving care.

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