What to Do About Low Back Pain in New York

Here in New York, low back pain is a quite frequent problem that almost everyone has experienced at one time in their life. Nearly 80% of adults experience a form of low back pain in the span of their life, and it is the main reason for job related disability and missing work. The National Institutes of Health says that about 25% of adults have had a current episode of low back pain.

Both genders are impacted by low back pain in the same way. It can be the result of a few things: one being over lifting an object, the other being from something that causes wear and tear and happens over time. Research has found that a sedentary lifestyle during the week can cause low back pain to develop, more commonly after grueling workouts on the weekend.

The good news is that about 80% of acute low back pain can be cured with self care or short term management. Only 20% of people with acute low back pain will continue to have noticeable symptoms after a year. The good news is that there is some great info regarding managing low Back Pain in New York.

A study done looked at maintenance spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) to test its success in dealing with chronic low back pain (back pain symptoms that continue for more than six months). Researchers assigned 60 patients  to three groups to be treated with either: Group 1: 12 treatments of sham SMT for a month, Group 2: 12 treatment of SMT for one month but no treatment after, Group 3: 12 treatments for one month with SMT twice a month for the next 9 months.

The research conducted concluded that groups two and three experienced much lower pain levels than the sham treatment group at the end of month one. Only the third group experienced better pain improvement at the 10 month checkup. Without the continued smt, group two’s pain scores returned back to near what they were before the first treatment. Our low back pain New York clinic suggests that SMT works for chronic nonspecific low back pain, but to achieve a long term benefit, patients should seek care on an ongoing basis.

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