What is Regenerative Medicine & How Can it Help You?

What is regenerative medicine and how can it help you?

Regenerative Medicine Can Help You

Regenerative medicine is now available at our New Jersey office in Springfield. We plan to provide transportation for any of our New York patients who are interested in this therapy to get to our Springfield office for treatment and help.

So what is regenerative medicine and how can it help?

Regenerative medicine deals with the “process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs or establish normal function.” This is according to Chris Mason and Peter Dunnil’s paper, “”A brief definition of regenerative medicine” in 2008.

In simple terms, we want to improve the healing process and regenerate cells by directly injecting medicine into the afflicted area.

The therapy has seen great results in decreasing pain and restoring proper function to help patients back to a full and active life.

Professional athletes and sports people have already benefited from the treatment in the past as it has helped reduce time out of their sports and back to being fit and performing again. Many sports disciplines have been helped from track and field to football players. It’s been widely used and is available to regular patients to help with their injuries and afflictions.

This forms another avenue to explore as we bid to help our patients out of pain and back to health again. It helps joint pain, shoulder pain, arthritis sufferers and many more.

If this is something you would like to try, call us today. Either call our Jersey practice on 908-325-3000 or our New York practice, 212-371-2000. Either one will be able to help you.

Schedule an appointment or download our mobile booking app. Enter clinic ID ORTKJR.

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