What is Evidence Based Care? Asks NYC Chiropractor

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We at Back and Body NY provide evidence based care to our patients. Many practices actually do not necessarily do this, instead offering the latest devices or practices on the market, but the problem is, often these practices have not been tested and do not necessarily do what they are supposed to do.

So what is evidence based care?

Evidence based care is essentially clinical based research which confirms the efficacy of the type of care provided. So studies are conducted in control groups, normally with a placebo introduced to observe and compare the effects of a certain treatment or device on that body of people. Basically confirming whether a claim of treatment is true or not.

The pharmaceutical industry is a great example of using evidence based care in that a drug is created to treat a certain condition and it is tested for its effect and also its safety. These are just among the basic requirements for FDA approval before it is approved for general use.

At Back and Body NY we also use what is known as evidence based protocols. That is certain settings on equipment or a series of actions on a specific condition that have had high rates of success in the majority of cases.

Utilizing evidence based care, evidence based protocols and also latest research and studies from professional medical magazines, journals and text books, we are at the pinnacle of established treatments coupled in with latest evidence based research. This arms us with a formidable array of factual knowledge and treatments that can use to help our patients with their pain.

If you are in pain, if you are injured, if you want to prevent injuries, come and see us at Back and Body NY. We have the treatments, protocols and knowledge to serve you and help you reach your goals, whether to get out of pain or stay out of pain.

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