What Is Chiropractic Rehabilitation?

woman and a chiropractor

Every day, I treat people who’ve sustained a wide variety of injuries.  Working with athletes, both professional and amateur, I’ve seen some amazing results with chiropractic rehabilitation.

If you’re in recovery from an injury, whether sustained on the field, court, rink, or backstage at a Broadway show while changing sets, chiropractic rehabilitation may be the answer you’re seeking.

So, what is chiropractic rehabilitation?  This post offers a brief overview of what you can expect.

Your injury isn’t going anywhere.

If you’ve sustained an injury that you’ve been applying DIY therapies to, you may be wondering why it’s still rearing its unpleasant head occasionally.  That’s probably why you’re here.  You may have been injured awhile ago, but haven’t taken clinical action because you think it’s going to resolve on its own.

While the pain may be ease with time, the underlying cause is still going to be there.  That’s the source of recurring injuries.  Because the original injury hasn’t been addressed by a professional, it continues to lurk, waiting for a moment of weakness in which to re-establish itself.

Injuries can become chronic problems, but chiropractic rehabilitation goes straight to the source of the pain they cause.

A partnership with your chiropractor.

Medical practitioners of any kind don’t work in a vacuum.  We all need our patients to get on board and follow our prescriptions for recovery.  Whether that’s drug therapy or exercise, patients need to partner with their doctors to reach the goal of full recovery from an injury or illness.

The same is true of chiropractic rehabilitation.  When you come to my office, I’m going to treat you with a variety of therapies which will work together to help you recover.  But I’m also going to ask you to partner with me and perform the exercises I’ll prescribe to help you resolve your injury.

Some of what I prescribe for you will involve self-myofascial release, using foam rollers.  These allow you to continue doing the work I start in my office.  I’ll also prescribe a course of stretching to address your specific injury.

An important aspect of your “homework” is going to be strengthening the affected muscle groups.  As your recovery progresses, I’ll move you from simple strengthening exercises addressing one group of muscles, to more complex ones.  These exercises build your muscles and ligaments, so they can protect your joints.

Mobility exercises are another important facet of recovery.  Injuries can inhibit the movement of your joints, so restoring their ability to function as they were designed to is key to resolving your injury.

Here to help.

At Back & Body Medical, I work with a team of skilled clinicians, practicing under the rubrics of chiropractic, sports medicine, acupuncture and physical therapy.  As a chiropractor, I believe strongly in an integrated approach to pain relief and the multi-disciplinarian model at Back & Body supports my efforts in that regard.

If you’re ready to address your injury with chiropractic rehabilitation, I’m here to help.  I’m committed to restoring you to full function.  Contact me.

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