What Exercises Are Involved in Physical Therapy New York Specialists Explain

When your primary care provider advises you to undergo physical therapy New York is sure to be a good place to start. You’ll find clinics and centers where health care professionals from various disciplines — such as chiropractic, acupuncture, sports medicine and physical therapy — provide well-rounded care for the pain you feel in your lower back, neck, shoulder, hips and legs.

Physical therapy is primarily meant to help patients recovering from an injury or illness to restore the normal function and capabilities of their bodies, and to become free from pain and suffering. In addition, the patients’ overall fitness, health and well-being can be improved.

Depending on the kind of pain or reduced functioning that a patient is experiencing, physical therapists take the patient through a series of exercises that can help improve their condition.

The following are the kinds of exercises that provide the most benefits for anyone undergoing physical therapy and rehabilitation:

Stretching exercises

When you regularly incorporate stretching in your workout routine, you are helping your muscles become (or stay) flexible, which is important in preventing injury. Stretching also provides the benefits of improved circulation, better posture, enhanced coordination, and reduced stress.

Aerobic exercises

These are the exercises designed to condition muscles, like the heart. They are also meant to facilitate faster recovery and to maintain the person’s good health. When you go through these exercises, oxygen is more effectively received and utilized by the muscles, which means that healing takes place faster. Swimming, walking and running are examples of aerobic exercises.

Endurance exercises

Walking, running, cycling and other activities that increase your heart rate and respiratory rate are intended to increase your endurance. These exercises do much to improve the health of your lungs, heart and blood vessels.

Balancing exercises

Being able to maintain balance may not seem like such an essential element to your recovery, but balance is actually important for those recovering from injuries or illnesses because it helps you keep your body stabilized and reduces your risk of suffering falls. When you strengthen your leg muscles and improve balance, you also gain the ability to perform various daily activities better.

Strengthening exercises

For people going through physical pain or working to bounce back from a significant injury, increasing muscle strength is crucial. Strengthening exercises help you gain better control of your body and reduce the pain your body experiences.

Physical therapists, in coordination with other health professionals who can help with your recovery, create a customized exercise program to suit your individual needs and monitor your progress. It can take time for complete healing to take place, but by following your program carefully and putting in the effort to rebuild your strength and mobility, you can soon witness the positive effects of your therapy.a

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